still at it


We haven’t been actively promoting our work lately, but we’re still at it even when we’re not in production mode. Just last week we got to teach a short course at the National Science Teachers Association regional meeting in Salt Lake City. For us, this means that we got to share our work in an expanded, three-hour format with a couple dozen teachers from around the country. They danced and physics-ed with us, using materials we’ve developed over many years now. It’s gratifying that educators from science, arts, and other fields see how the practices of these disciplines overlap, and how our traditional silos can be merged in order to better understand the processes of knowing and learning in general.

This is work that we’re passionate about and dedicated to. Even in times (like now) when we’re not running performances, we’re excited to work with others to find ways to bring it to classrooms and other learning contexts. I know that Erik and I both regularly refer to this work in our own classes and with teachers we work with, and we’ll continue to team up to bring these and other workshops to anyone that welcomes it.

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