A Body in Motion

A Body in Motion debuted during the spring of 2015, with performances for hundreds of students across Utah, as well as public shows at Weber State.  This video shows the entire performance of A Body in Motion in Austad Auditorium at Weber State, for an audience of about 1000 elementary students.

We’ve also created this guide describing some of what we see in this performance.

The original footage (higher resolution) is available here from FourSite Studios.

Here’s our original description of the performance:

Weber State University’s Moving Company Presents:

Dance Science Fest: A Body In Motion

A performance linking the study of motion with the practice of motion

“A Piece of Paper,” from the performance of A Body in Motion

Erik Stern (Performing Arts) and Adam Johnston (Physics), together with Weber State University students, created an interdisciplinary performance highlighting the parallels and connections between the arts and sciences.  Throughout this extended investigation and creation, they continued to develop an understanding of how practices in physics and engineering can be interwoven with those in dance and choreography.  Performances of A Body in Motion were hosted and toured for audiences of up to 1000 students at a time in the spring of 2015.  In addition, the performance was put on for general audiences during WSU’s Orchesis dance recital that same season. In addition to a full performance, we developed workshops for both students and teachers.

A Body in Motion poster

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