“Experiment” is something that we practice in science.  We use other verbs, too: Investigate, observe, collect, analyze, model, explain, etc.  In dance, we do these same kinds of practices in different ways.  We might play with a motion, test a hold or a stance, and even improvise ideas so that we have new possibilities.

In this part of the piece, you’ll see some dancers playing with paper and some investigating how a board moves other objects without touching them.  At the end, some dancers find new ways that and then how air can be moved and play with the effects that this has.

  • What observations do you make?
  • Are these people dancing or doing science?  Explain.
  • What are the experiments about?  How are the tools used related to what these people are studying?
  • What ideas do these give you for your own experiments in either science or dance?


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