We’ve called this section of one of our pieces “flawed walkers.”  If you ask someone what it’s about, they might say it’s about adding weight to the back of a dancer and how that changes their motion.  You could also say that it’s about how people get weighed down with extra responsibilities that they have to carry, and how they feel when they are freed.

We think that both of these ideas are right.  And we think that there are many other right ideas for what this piece means.  When we’ve shown this to students, they’ve asked what it’s all about and we answer by turning the question back to them: “What do you think this piece is about?”

This might be a good example of how science and art have different purposes.  In science, we can create a model or an explanation that is supposed to be understood by everyone in the same way.  In art, we often want to produce something that evokes an emotion, and that emotion is going to be felt differently by every person.

So, what do you think this piece is about?

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