This video shows a piece from a performance of “A Body in Motion.” In fact, this is at the very beginning of the entire show.  We like to think that it gets the audience ready for what they’re about to see, and it demonstrates how both science and dance are about being playful.

Play the video and feel free to pause, rewind, and review.  You might have some questions or ideas of your own (and we’d love to hear about them below).  We have a few of our own that you might want to think and talk about:

  • How does the cord move?  (What is moving? What is not moving?)
  • What makes the “bump” of the wave taller or shorter?
  • What makes the “bump” of the wave longer or narrower?
  • How could the “bump” or “wave” move faster?
  • What experiments could you do to test your own ideas about waves?
  • What does this pattern look like? What does it remind you of? What do you think you could do with this?
  • How else could you make waves?  Where else do you see waves like this?

 The waves on a cord inspired us in one of our pieces to create waves of dancers.  You might think of each dancer as acting like one of the particles on the cord; or maybe they’re making up some other kind of wave:

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